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Public Safety

Public safety is the top issue on the minds of Memphians and the next Mayor must take thoughtful, swift, and decisive action to restore safety in our communities.

Jobs + A Strong Economy

Memphians deserve access to high quality jobs that can lift families into the middle class and beyond. By building intergenerational wealth, we enable economic stability. While continuing our efforts to recruit large companies to the City, we need to double down on efforts to grow entrepreneurs and small businesses in our neighborhoods.

Youth Development

Memphis youth are the future of our City. We must invest in programs, initiatives, and places that nurture their minds and direct them towards positive activities. The City will collaborate with the Memphis Shelby County Schools (MSCS) and the community to invest in proven programs supporting our youth.

Clean + Attractive Neighborhoods

From 1940 to 1951, Memphis was repeatedly named as the cleanest city in Tennessee and the United States. Now, far too many of our communities are suffering from property blight, litter, and disinvestment. Communities with aging housing stock are neglected while sparsely populated commercial districts around them with struggling businesses don’t properly serve the community.

Thriving Arts + Culture

The culture and the vibe of Memphis is authentic and unlike any other city in America. Memphis has soul. You can’t bottle it. You can’t pick it up and take it somewhere else. This is not Anywhere, USA. One can feel the difference here and we should promote that.

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